May, 2014

Susan Rice On Benghazi: ‘Dang If I Know’

GET VIDEO!!!! National Security Advisor Ambassador Susan Rice is back in the news this week over the Benghazi attack, after she spoke a few days ago during a lunch to honor women in foreign policy — and the topic turned […]

New Benghazi Panel GOP Aide Lobbied For Liberal Groups

The new executive director of Benghazi select committee has a somewhat unexpected background: he lobbied for the American Civil Liberties Union. Philip Kiko, the Benghazi panel director chosen by Select Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy on Thursday, represented the ACLU on […]

Lanny Davis to Lead Benghazi ‘Truth Squad’

Former Clinton special counsel Lanny Davis says he plans to lead a “truth squad” to counter accusations coming out of the Benghazi select committee hearings. Davis will lead a group of volunteers “in front of the hearing room of the Gowdy […]