No Apology for Benghazi in ‘Hard Choices‘

In “Hard Choices,” Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, the former secretary of state attempts to answer the critics of her handling of the Benghazi scandal. Yet she completely fails to do the one thing that might have help lay the controversy […]

Benghazi Constructs

by Victory Davis Hanson Almost everything the administration has alleged about Benghazi has proven false. Yet also, in Machiavellian fashion, the Obama group successfully peddled useful fictions, effectively deluded the country, adroitly ensured President Obama’s reelection, and cast aspersions on […]

Devastating Benghazi Timeline Reveals Obama MIA

The government watchdog group that revealed that President Barack Obama failed to attend over half of his daily intelligence briefings (known officially as the Presidential Daily Brief, or PDB) released a devastating Benghazi timeline Wednesday. It reveals Obama’s schedule in the week […]