Symposium Feedback

Andrew C. McCarthy, Chairman of the BAC:

“4 Americans were murdered in an act of war by Islamic supremacist terrorists and Dana Milbank’s biggest worry is about the tender feelings of a Muslim student who started out her remarks with the unprovoked and false claim that we hate all Muslims, and who was told in response that we do not blame most Muslims for terrorism, we just wish more of them would join us in condemning jihadist violence?

If that is where Dana Milbank is coming from, pardon me if I couldn’t care less what he thinks. And with mainstream media bias like this, is it any wonder that, after nearly 2 years, we still have no account of what President Obama was doing in the hours while Americans were fighting for their lives on September 11, 2012?

Mr. Milbank can play the tired Alinsky game of freeze and destroy the target, ie, delegitimize inquiry into the killing of American officials facilitated by a massive, utterly predictable failure of President Obama’s policy of empowering anti-American Islamic supremacists. We are going to go about the important business of getting to the bottom of the Benghazi Massacre and holding derelict officials accountable. We certainly hope the mainstream media at some point remembers that that used to be their job, but it will not dissuade us from doing ours.”

Daniel Bongino, Former U.S. Secret Service:

This Coalition is dedicated to finding the answers to questions so few have been willing to ask. The families of those who died in service to this country deserve to know why their loved ones were left behind.  The Coalition will not rest until the solemn promise made to Americans who wrap themselves in our flag, and conduct the important business of the United States overseas, is restored.

Cathy T. in Virginia:

“Indeed, it was a tremendous afternoon, and everyone — organizers and presenters — are to be roundly applauded and commended for pulling the event together!!

I, too, watched, and was exhausted by the end, and SICK about this entire, tragic episode in our nation’s history.

But, after listening to the presenters, my hope was renewed that the Truth will out, despite the Administration’s painfully obvious efforts to divert attention from the facts of that fateful terrorist attack in Benghazi.  

The House Select Committee will have the powers required to get to the truth, and there is no shortage of capable advice and expertise from members of the Benghazi Accountability Coalition’s panel to aid them in their search.

Most newsworthy for me today was the agreement that members of our brave Armed Forces could have helped our personnel at the Annex in Benghazi, had they not been told repeatedly to stand down.  President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, and Defense Secretary Panetta have blood on their hands.

It also is clear that the “anti-Muslim video” meme was fabricated.  By whom, is the question.

Several panelists spoke authoritatively about people in the know who have been silenced, including (by implication) Gen. David Petraeus, whose criminal investigation apparently still hasn’t been closed.  

The House Republican Chairmen who have had responsibility for investigating Benghazi came under withering attack by Joe DiGenova (for not pursuing aggressive investigations), as did former Defense Sec. Panetta, who, said DiGenova, “sold his soul over Benghazi.”

Throughout the presentations, there was a sense that much information is just waiting to be unveiled, once people are subpoenaed to testify, perhaps emboldening others to speak out.

Panelists pleaded with citizens to put pressure on their elected representatives to demand a full accounting of what happened.  The Select Committee must not be allowed to sink into a black hole, but should keep the public apprised of its progress, even if it cannot reveal everything initially.

Moderator Andy McCarthy was very effective, speaking about the lawlessness of President Obama.”