Benghazi Accountability Coalition

The Benghazi Accountability Coalition (BAC) is a network of independent individuals and leaders of groups who are concerned about events that occurred, before, during, and after the September 11, 2012, terrorist attacks. Statements issued by the BAC do not necessarily represent the views of particular individuals or organizations supporting the Coalition.

List Updated: OCTOBER 14, 2014


Andrew C. McCarthy

Family and Survivor Members

Michael Ingmire (Uncle of Sean Smith)

Linked Organizations (20)

ACT! For America
Center for Military Readiness
Center for Security Policy
Secure America Now
Special Operation Speaks
The Heritage Foundation
Black Conservatives Fund
Stand Up America
Family Security Matters
The Steamboat Institute
Combat Veterans for Congress PAC
Traditional Values Coalition
Citizens Commission on Benghazi (AIM)
Special Operation Speaks
Veterans for a Strong America
Family Pac Federal
Citizens’ Commission on Benghazi
Eagle Forum

Affiliated Leaders

General Jerry Boykin
Frank Gaffney
Clare Lopez
Allen Roth
Dan Bongino
Steven Bucci
Elaine Donnelly
Brigitte Gabriel
Col. Allen West
Paul Vallely
Amb. Henry F. Cooper, “Former Director of the Strategic Defense Initiative”
Joel Arends, Chairman, Veterans for a Strong America
Anita MonCrief
Everett Woolum, CMSgt USAF (retired)
Dick and Patricia Schermerhorn
Tony Papandrea, Private Citizen, USNA
Col. USMC, Ret. David Percy
Susan Creed Percy, Advocate for Military Families
Archpriest Alexander F.C. Webster, PhD, Chaplain (Colonel), USA, Retired
Jake Jacobowitz, SOS Speaks
Brian Kennedy, Claremont Institute
Sandy Rios, Director of Governmental Affairs for AFA
Deborah Weiss, Vigilance Inc.
Paul Caprio, Director of Family Pac Federal
Ginni Thomas, Liberty Consulting
Rosemary Jenks
Gayle Trotter
Joseph Tranchini, Commander, U.S. Navy (Ret.)
Dr. James Pollock, Maj., USAF (Ret), SOCOM, OIF VET X 2, Wounded Warrior & National Advocate, Proud Christian Patriot
Dave Wallace, II, President, Chesapeake Kitchen Wholesalers, Inc.
Richard and Susan Falknor, Publishers, Blue Ridge Forum
Tammy Kobza, Iowa State Director, Eagle Forum


Additional Supporters

Bruce Radcliffe
Connie Hair
Stephanie Coleman
Shawn McBride
Gail Donovan
Tom O’Connor
John Hensdill
Mark Slinsky
Mariam Bell
Regina Minor
Carroll Eads
Annette Wolf
Nancy Ann Griffin
Santo Lippo
Ellen Paul
LaNell Haynie
Nancy Jo Taylor
Faith McDonnell
Robert Heffley
Stephanie Reis
Matthew Saliman
Alexei Sobchenko
Richard Tubb
Kathy Tubb
David Solomon
Lenore B. Waggoner
Carmen Ross
Tommy Sears
Michael Araman
Rachel Sargent
Gretchen Nogle
Andrew Nogle
Nancy Wilson
Mackie Christenson
Nansi Nelson
Roy White
Allen B. Clark
Ann Taylor
Del Griffanti
Easter Thompson
Eric Voogd
George Bodossian
Guy Fogel
Gregory B. Primm
Adam Savit
Joe Fitzgerald
Joann Balfour
Keefe Goldfisher
Lauren Butler
Ron Kidwell
Steve Moysey
Tom Berrigan
Victoria Hargrave
Stuart Walker
Draciron Smith
Mary Doan
Larry Smith

And more …

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