Adam Savit

Mr. Milbank’s Muddled Misfire

By Roger Aronoff When conservatives taunt Muslims in the room, they apparently thank them for their questions, and say, “Well, I’m glad to see you’re representing Muslims in this company.” This is then translated by the press into the “ugly […]

Dana Milbank’s Heritage disaster

by Dylan Byers Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank set off a flurry of outraged tweets on Monday night after posting a highly critical recap of a panel event at The Heritage Foundation that, he says, “deteriorated into the ugly taunting […]

Washington Post does Propaganda against Benghazi panel

by James Simpson The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank wrote a column titled “Heritage’s ugly Benghazi panel,” portraying a forum held Monday afternoon in Heritage’s auditorium by an independent group, the Benghazi Accountability Coalition, as nothing more than an anti-Islamic hate […]