Udall: Benghazi Biggest Non-Issue That Congress Keeps Debating Needlessly

At tonight’s Colorado Senate debate held in Denver, incumbent Sen. Mark Udall was asked what he believes is the biggest non-issue that Congress keeps debating needlessly. Udall answered Benghazi. His opponent, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, disputed that.

QUESTION: Senator, what’s the biggest non-issue in your mind that Congress keeps debating needlessly?

SEN. MARK UDALL: Benghazi. Let’s move on.

REP. CORY GARDNER: Look, the families of this country deserve an answer on Benghazi. I think it’s outrageous that people died and Senator Udall is refusing to provide answers for this country.

QUESTION: Before we get too deep down that rabbit hole, again, the question to you, Congress, is an issue that Congress is debating needlessly. A non-issue.

GARDNER: I think there are a number of Republicans who continue to bash renewable energy and I’ve spoken time and time again on behalf of supporting renewable energy. But let me go back to this issue of what Senator Udall said about Benghazi. I think it is outrageous that Senator Udall doesn’t believe that Benghazi is worth looking in to.

Originally posted at Real Clear Politics.